Digital marketing dashboard / Campaign management

it's nice to have google analytics as a datasource...but for creating a 360° view on a campaign we need more connectors: such as the Facebook ads API & the Google Adwords Api. Would be great to have a total budget sheet for all paid ads, then measure effectiveness for every channel : from cost , to ad effectiveness and goal conversion


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    Klipfolio Support Official comment

    With the Klip Gallery in place now, there are a number of Marketing-centric Klips available to put into a dashboard. We have also posted some examples of live dashboards touching many digital marketing services. Check out this one using MOZ Twitter, Bitly, HubSpot, SearchMetrics, Facebook, Xero, Google Analytics, Instgram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Shopify data.

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    Dominic Yerex
    You can actually hook up your adwords account with your google analytics account. https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1704341?hl=en I use klipfolio's google analytics connector to pull through our campaign data.
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    Laura Cameron
    Facebooks Ads API would be great
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    Yvonne Van Alphen
    Just to let you know in our last release, we released connectivity for Google Adwords: https://klipfolio.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/435511-new-use-google-adwords-as-a-data-source
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