dynamic series names in bar charts

It would be nice to have dynamically named series.. for example, if we do a stacked bar of the top 10 whatevers, those series names in the should change automatically. At the moment we have to link it to a table and put the names in the table and its all a bit difficult (and ugly).


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    Creuna Insights

    Sign me up on this! Almost every dashboard I build have components that are built on dynamic data based on api queries. Not being able to label the series from the data source means bad visualisation.

    Keep up the good work, Klipfolio! Still love ya´


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    Tara Kombos

    We would really love this feature. we have graphs with multiple series and dynamic series labels would be great.


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    Stephen Yates

    I am happy to share that dynamic series are supported in the new Metrics Monitoring capabilities that were recently released in beta. When you visualize a metric on a bar or line chart the series are automatically added for each member. The series change dynamically to reflect the members with values in the specified time range.

    You can learn more about metrics here. As well the Knowledge Base has a bunch of useful articles

    Thank you,


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    Todd Eby

    Metrics don't support hidden data filters, so they are a non-starter for me.  All of my Klips will have at least two hidden data filters, one based on a user property (emailAddress) and one based on the variable for a user input Klip (Selected Group).  Some of my Klips will then also have another hidden data filter based on another user input Klip (Selected Member of Selected Group).  

    The right way to do this is to put in a 2nd series that is based on a text column.  The text column values then determine the colors, so I might have a series 'population' (the metric) and a second series 'gender' and x-axis 'state'.  This would then show me a separate column based on population for each of the 3 values of gender (Male, Female, Unknown/Other) for each state.

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