Provide list of Klips that use a data source

A Klip shows you what data source(s) it uses but not the other way around. Sometimes I'd like to change a data source but I need to know what Klips it might impact.


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    Klipfolio Support
    Thanks for your idea, Michel. We are looking into the possibility and will add it to our list for prioritization. Thanks, Scott.
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    Rich Przekop

    Has this been done yet? Or is it still on the prioritization list?

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Rich,

    Thank you adding your voice to this enhancement request.  I will add your name to the enhancement request.  Do you have the same use case as Michael?  Any additional context you have about your use case will help with ensuring a more complete understanding of the need and will help with prioritization.

    There is a mechanism in the API to request a list of Klips based on a data source ID.  On this page http://apidocs.klipfolio.com/docs/klips the optional parameter for datasource_ID will return the list of Klips using that datasource.



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