Allow an admin to "lock down" a user to prevent changes

In an email conversation with Keely, she suggested I submit this idea for consideration. In our situation, we will want the vast majority of users to see exactly the tabs and klips we want them to see at all times -- in other words, we don't want our users to have to add tabs or klips themselves, and in fact we don't really want them to even have the ability to add and delete tabs, rearrange klips, etc. If implemented, part of this capability would be to have the default tabs track the user's *current* group affiliation and not just his or her *first* one, since we occasionally change a user's groups. (Disclaimer: while this may sound like the ravings of a control freak, in fact it's just that our experience has been that our users are sometimes confused by the available options, not willing to do relatively simple things like add tabs and klips, etc.; and really just want to see the information they've asked for and we've provided in their default setups.)


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