save as a copy of a data source

Once you have found the "Save as a copy" feature in the Klip "Save and Exit" button you are glad that you do not have to rebuild every Klip right from the start; however if you want to reuse a data source that has some more complicated settings, you have to rememebr very well how you managed to do that the first time; so bebing able to save a copy of a data source would be a great feature too


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    While not the same as described in the idea, we have implemented the ability to duplicate a data source.

    This was recently released. When you are on a data source info page (you can get there from the library or the editor), there is now a duplicate button on the top right of the page.

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    Robert Stanley
    I agree. Google Analytics for example. If I create one data source and select fields for analytics, I typically want to use the same settings but change the Analytics account. This would allow me to replicate the data source then quickly modify the google ID to change the only variable that is necessary.
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    Gauge Comunicacao
    This is nearly 2 yo already. Any responses?
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    Klipfolio Support
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