Have historical data storing functionality

I want a way to create a graph, say Analytics, to see how my website is improving or declining over time, without putting them into excel myself. It is actually a make or break function for me to use this app.


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    Klipfolio Support Official comment

    We are investigating something that might be useful here.

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    Justin Schroeder

    @Klipfolio Support,

    What has your 7 month investigation revealed to you? 

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Justin,

    Thank for your note! An apologies for not closing the loop here.

    Earlier this year, we introduced the ability to use Zapier to trigger data source updates and send info to Klipfolio.  As part of that effort, we introduced a Zapier-specific feature to allow appending data to a data source in Klipfolio if the Zap was sending a piece of information.  We've seen customers use this to capture some history about social analytics, for example.

    There are ongoing discussions about approaching this differently, however I don't have a specific timeline for you at the moment.

    Was your use case similar to Tim's?  Any additional insight you can share about what you are trying to do would be greatly appreciated and would feed into these discussions and requirements.

    Thanks again,



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    Stephen Yates

    I am happy to share that it is now possible to store data history in Klipfolio. The new Metric Monitoring capability allows you to define a metric to track over time. Additional data is stored for the metric on each data refresh. 

    You can learn more about metrics here. As well the Knowledge Base has a bunch of useful articles

    Thank you,


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