edit, copy and paste formulas; rearrange series and add components

entering a formula step by step might be a safe way to get a solid input, sometimes it is really terrifying that you can not edit it using your curosr keys and copy ans paste partys of one formula into the other; maybe a formula editor mode or something like that could help us out also, when you want to rearrange series it wuld be great to have a some small buttons facilitating a reorder like you allready have with columns in a table and most of all, if you want to add a component, now you have to enter the source editor and look for the beginnings and ends of the source of components; a simple small add component button woule be a great feature


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    The components work was addressed with a release in the summer of 2014.

    Within formulas, you can currently copy and paste sections of the formula by selecting them and using CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste elsewhere. We have making this more visible and easier as an item on the roadmap.

    Rearranging series also exists as it's own topic. (See "Series Ordering in Klip Editor") This is also on our radar for development in the future.

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    I agree, entering formulas is difficult with the actual editor. For an intermediate users, the ability to edit, copy & paste formulas would drastically improve dashboard development speed and flexibility. For example, writing complex formulas combining JOIN, ARRAY and DATE is tedious with the actual interface. (and I cannot paste an example of complex formulas, this also limits the request for help within the community...) You may restrict it for paid users but I think this feature is necessary to improve dashboard development user experience better and make it More Productive.
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