Have Date Picker handle Formulas to Calculate defaults for Start and End

A formula to set the default value in the date picker so that the dashboard will load with a specific default timeframe. Then the user could change it.


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    Klipfolio Support Official comment

    If I am interpreting this correctly, it sounds like you are looking for a way to handle relative time/date ranges.

    I am exploring how we can make working with dates more simple. One concept is to try to weave in the concept of relative time into things like date-centric user input controls.

    Does this sound like what you are asking about? If not , can you describe the scenario in a little more detail?

    Thanks, Scott.

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    Jelte Bakker
    This is exactly what I'm looking for. I would like my dashboards to show the data of the last month(30 days) as default. Is there any news on this?
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    Fabrício Girardi Andreis
    It would be great to also have formulas to set up minimum and maximum dates for a date picker, so the user would be forced to pick following constraints.
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