Batch Email Report Scheduling & Custom Attachment Filenames

For tabs with one or more user inputs, it would be great to be able to quickly set up scheduled email reports for each value/combination of values in an input. Additionally, we should be able to customize the filename for the report rather than having the filename be the name of the reported tab. This would make it easier to identify multiple reports from the same tab that used different variable values to generate them. For example, during the email scheduling setup, you could ask that a separate email report be sent for each var1 value. With multiple variables in a tab, one emailed var1 report could be sent for each var2 value. The attachments in each email could then be set up as {{var1}}_monthlyReport.pdf.


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    Hi, I have the same issue.  The PDF attachment is always named after the dashboard and I scheduled 60 different subscriptions based on all possible values of a variable (called Brand), as I need a PDF report per brand.  The PDF attachment name could be the same as Schedule Name as it is something we can customize (or the suggestion made in the previous comment would also be OK). Otherwise, the delivery process that could be entirely automated becomes a manual process of every month renaming each PDF report.

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    Caileigh Simpson

    Hi Wendy, 

    Thank you for sharing your feedback. I can completely understand the need to add some level of customization to the scheduled email file name to provide a more contextual experience to your end users. We do not have this work prioritized at this time but are working in the client world quite heavily at the moment and will keep this in mind when we dig into report customization. 



    Product Manager

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