Allow multiple queries in data sources

It would be great to be able to use the response to a first request sent from a data source in subsequent requests. This is because APIs of real-world data sources often assume iterative requests. Example: 1. Call 'GetListofThings' -> response = list of IDs of all things 2. Call (in a loop) 'GetDetailsOnId(iD)' Currently only two requests are possible: an authentication one and one to retrieve the data itself.


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    Aurimas Gaizauskas

    Amen on that. Not all APIs return a set of required data, in many cases iteration is required. It would be very helpful if this was available as a part of a data source creation, or if data sources could take variables (not just date) and the iteration could be done within widget, by passing data from data source in to another as a variable to make it re-query dynamically.

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Aurimas,

    Thank you for adding your voice to this enhancement request and sharing your use case.  It would be very helpful if you have a specific example you are running into that you can walk through to help describe your use case.  Any additional information would be helpful.

    In the meantime, I will add your name to the feature request for context.



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