Collaboration/Alerts tab on Klips

I think there should be a collaboration icon on each Klip where users could make comments/suggestions or ask questions about a Klip. Each Klip could have a designated owner or moderator to follow the discussion. I also think alerts should be set up by users on a klip if they wanted them.


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    Hi Neil,

    Thank you for your idea.

    Investigating the elements above the existing annotation functionality.



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    Klipfolio Support
    Hi Neil, Were you aware of the annotation icon on each Klip? It sounds like that may achieve part of what you are looking for - a mechanism for users to comment on a Klip - could also be used to ask questions, etc. The new item in this is the concept of assigning an owner for the discussion and the concept of alerts. Looking at Alerts, it is something on our radar, however I had been looking at associating Alerting more with an Indicator so if a business rule associated with an indicator was reached, then initiate a notification - similar to how you might change a color of a bar on a chart. More to be worked into this as the last state would need to be remembered so a notification is sent only when change occurs. That said, it sounds like you are interested in an alert if a comment or annotation is made. As opposed to a single owner, I can see allowing people to subscribe to a Klip to receive notices for any comments. Make sense? Then there could be many potential responders, as in many social environments. The Klip builder could by default be subscribed. Would you see this concept extending to more in-application actions? For example, if a Klip is shared with you, send you a notification? Thank you again for your idea! Cheers, Scott.
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