Display the labels in a bubble chart without having to pass the mouse through the points

This would be very useful specially when bubbles represent groups of observations from the same variable. Currently it is possible to know each category by passing the mouse through the bubbles. However, it is troublesome for someone who doesn't know how (or doesn't want to) explore the chart and just want to have all the information at a glance.

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    Thomas Walter

    From a similar post from 2014 I learned there has been added a functionality to show labels. If I enable "show labels" it displays the very same label (the name of the series) for each bubble. Why? This is not helpful at all, it's rather messy. If I want to see series` names I simply turn on "show legend". 

    Of course, for a scatter you usually don't want to identify individual data points, it's all about the pattern of many. But the bubble chart can do a lot more, I use it to show revenue and profitability of top clients. If it would only display these clients..

    That is such a minor change but would greatly enhance the range of application. Is there chance to have a second look at this?

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