Differentiate Annotations with content from empty ones (or read vs. unread)

Annotations are a very promising addition -- thanks. However at the moment it appears that there is no visual indication to the user for Annotations that have content vs. those without -- or probably better, klips for which there are Annotations the user hasn't yet viewed vs. those for which the user has viewed all Annotations. As it is, users would have to check Annotations for every klip every time they viewed the dashboard to know if something had changed.


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    Peter Matthews Official comment

    This is in the April 10, 2012 update.

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    Peter Matthews
    We're going to add a new feature to annotations where the icon on the Klip reflects the presence of content. Presently, if an annotation is added by another user, and you haven't seen it, there is a little orange indicator that appears on the annotation icon, and the annotation itself has a yellow background. So no need to check every Klip to see if there's anything new!
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