UI improvement - Copy a klip from dashboard

Hi support.

It would be great to copy a klip from the dashboard instead of (Click Edit -> Wait for the klip to load -> Save and exit dropdown -> Click Save as copy). I never want to edit the klip before copying it. It is finished, that is the reason i want to use it again. ;-)

I don't like to wait for the klip to load. It is annoying.

Instead of:


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    Scott Lawrence


    I appreciate you sharing your use case.  This is one we have discussed internally at times.  

    I can see this having two different meanings when considering the action of duplicating a Klip from the dashboard itself:

    1. I want to create a new instance of this Klip so I can just change the context of User Input Controls - but not actually duplicate the asset.  This could be a new instance of the Klip on the same dashboard or to be moved to another dashboard.  (For this use case, I would not need to have a new asset in the library.)
    2. I actually want to create a duplicate of the Klip as an asset in the Library to use as a starting point to modify the Klip and accelerate my efforts to build a net new Klip.

    I believe you are referring to #2 based on your reference to the Save as Copy from the Klip Editor.  You also raise a reasonable perspective that once the Klip is finished, you don't always want to go into Edit mode to use it as a baseline to start using to build a new Klip.  (I can see this being so you do not start making a change - intending to save as copy - then forget and save over your Klip.  While you can restore to a recent revision, it adds effort and is not the workflow you are describing.)

    Are you also seeing a need for options #1 above?

    Thanks again!  I will add your name to the Duplicate Klip from Dashboard item for additional context.




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    Fillipe Chinellato

    this is so annoying (#2)... Is it planned to be fixed?

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    Damian Doorbar

    Hi Support,

    It's #2 I'm looking for.

    I'm building individual dashboards for a handful of clients, if I was able to duplicate the Klip; like I can the data sources I can simply:

    Rename the duplicate as client "X"

    Add new data sources and remove old via the Klip Editor

    All colours and formatting would then be ready for me and would speed up the process significantly.

    At the moment when I create a new dashboard: I'm creating a new Dashboard, adding the Klip I'll want to duplicate, then editing it and clicking Save As. This then adds it to the dashboard with the original one and if I'm not careful I can remove the wrong one and edit the original Klip not the new one. (I've done this a few times).



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    Prerna Luthra

    Hello Damian, 

    Thanks for sharing your use case. I had a look through your account and looks like you are actively using client management feature which is great. 

    Did you know you could import dashboards from your Master Account to Client accounts?, you will find our help doc on Importing assets (Dashboards, Klips and Data sources) from Master Account to Client accounts or vice versa, here . You also have the ability to import dashboards from one client to another. You can replace your current process by using import functionality. 

    That said, agencies/consultants who share the same use case as yours, usually create a Dashboard Template in their Master account, that they know will be used for many of their different clients and import that templated dashboard in their client accounts. All you would have to do is change the data sources once imported.

    Lastly, you can also use company properties to automate and create dynamic dashboards. Company properties in a nutshell is the ability to create dashboards working based off a variable. You will be setting identical variable (company property) at every account level (Master and clients). Think of this variable as a unique identifier for every account. When you import this dynamic dashboard into your client account, it will automatically take to the variable value associated to that client and show data unique to that client. More on that here, https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/215548438-Company-Properties?query=company.  Again, this may or may not be be the ideal solution, it varies for every use case and also depends on which services you are looking to connect to. 

    I will be reaching out to you via email as well. Looking forward to connecting! 






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