Put your best Zap forward

We've just announced our integration with Zapier. Honestly, the possibilities are blowing my mind. We've been playing with different custom Zaps for creating and improving dashboards, and it's a lot of fun. 
Our goal is to continue creating additional Zaps and templates, but with so many possibilities, it's hard to capture all the potential combinations.
Here's our challenge to you: Create custom Zaps, and share the results here. We're looking for the most creative, clever Zaps you can create. 
Here are some resources to help you wrap your head around the Zapier integration:
Let the fun begin!!


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    Jonathan Taylor

    Here's my idea: Update my monthly leads data source any time my CMO (Mychelle Mollot) sends me an email with the word "Report" in it. 

    I think this is a cute little zap. Mychelle is about as data-driven as you can get, so we're constantly going back and forth on different metrics. It's quite fun, but I've set a number of my data sources at 30-2 hour intervals (I don't need up-to-the-minute data on monthly leads). So when she asks a question or for a report in Gmail, I want to give her the latest numbers. 

    Here's how I set this up:

    Select Gmail as your Trigger

    Use the Search Trigger


    Select Klipfolio as Action.

    Set your action as refresh data.

    Select the data source you want to refresh.

    I like this because it lets be dial back my data source refreshes to conserve my resource consumption, but allows me to still log in and get a very up-to-the-minute answer to questions as they arise.

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    Chris Wolski

    I've been waiting for the ability to do this for a while: build a Map My Run dashboard to track my running stats alongside friends in the office. With Zapier its possible! Still a work in progress but you can imagine the applications for offices and non profits that want to organize and track charity runs, and for coaches and fitness trainers that want to hold players and clients accountable ;) Anyone else excited about the opportunity to build a group fitness dashboard like this?


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    Jente De Ridder

    The Zappier integration sounds like great news. Thanks guys!


    Will start testing some ideas in the upcomming weeks. To give you an idea of what I would like to see possible thanks to Zappier:

    - Create datasources that provide an overview of Twitter (advanced) searches without the current API limitations. Everytime a new tweet is included within the search results, it's added to a Google Sheet.

    - Include Trello to do's in our internal team dashboard. Keep track of who's reaching his/her deadlines and who isn't.

    - etc.


    Also love the idea of Jonathan here: trigger dashboard refreshes on demand.

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