Funnel - label indicators

For the Funnel Klip, it would be useful to change the color of the value or label based on a conditions?

the klip is very useful and looking at a percentage, for example if the category is 30% and we should be at 35%, then it will be useful to have the 30% in red, then we will know immediately if we are below target. Or if it is 40%, then to make the label green to see that is above target.

Other issue I encountered is that I used the Array function to build the funnel. Then I do not have a clue how can I use an indicators for one of the labels. If I have a funnel with three categories (inquiries, leads, conversions). I could not find how to use an indicator for just one of the three categories, let see if conversion is above or below and use an indicator to visually see if I am above and below target.


I am glad that the Funnel klip was implemented. It is extremely useful.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




Alberto Vargas



based on a condition and not the label. Would changing the value colour work? The funnel is a fairly new component, so we would love to capture your feedback in our Product forum so the Product manager can see it. I think having the label change as an indicator option would be a good addition.


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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Alberto,

    Glad you like the Funnel chart and thank you for the great ideas.  

    Sounds like you are interested in being able to use the conversion value as a trigger for an indicator and allow the Labels to have indicators applied to them.

    We will explore the possibilities.

    Thanks again,


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    McLeod Sears

    From what I understand, the label color is set automatically by label order - and I do not have the option to associate a color to a label (condition). My data fluctuates so the order is not always the same. 

    I vote for this feature, it's been more than a year since this was posted!

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