Search and Replace Text in the Klip Editor

It would be great if we could find and replace text in formulas.  Sometimes when working with long nested formulas in Klips if I need to change a condition; I have to go thorough the whole code.  Would be great if I could just simply find and replace to save time.






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    Scott Lawrence Official comment

    Hi Rene, Michael, 

    Thank you for the additional context.  We are working on something which may make this easier to accomplish.  In the meantime, this has been raised as an enhancement request and I have put your names beside it for additional context.



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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your feature request.  Can you share some additional context for me?  Do you have an example of the kind of formula you are thinking about for such a feature and what you are looking to replace?

    Thanks again,


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    Rene Stuifzand

    I guess it is like this example here:


    What if you would want to replace all yyyy-M with yyyy. This is very time consuming but it happens regulary when clients/stakeholders want to change details or their needs change. 

    You can think i entire dashboard through from the start and then people change their minds about it. 


    I am using a "legenda" in Google Drive so i am able to change textlabels in 5 seconds for a entire dashboard. For example. When i am using the word "transaction" but it should be "orders". Then this is a peace of cake.


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    Michael Thomas


    Exactly what I mean.... should be a search and replace function.




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    Justin Schroeder

    Totally needed this today. Please add.

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