Save formula as variable

I would like to be able to reuse formulas throughout different klips. Today, the only way to do that is copying the formula between the two, but if you have to change the formula later, you'd have to edit all klip that contain them, which can become problematic.

A suggestion would be to be able to save formulas as variables. For instance, I have an MRR klip, save it as a variable and reuse it on a different that needs the MRR value, say Churn.

Thank you.


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    John Haselden

    Just wanted to comment to hopefully bring this idea to the top. This would be extremely helpful.


    One instance I'm already running into. I'm having users select the month they want data for and assigning that to $selectedMonth. I wish I could dynamically set another variable to the same month the previous year, but instead, I have to use this formula every time I want to reference it: DATEVALUE(DATE_ADD(DATE($selectedMonth,"yyyyMM"),"1",-1),"yyyyMM"). Albeit the formula is more confusing that needed because of the date format, but it would make life so much easier if I could just set $previousMonth = DATEVALUE(DATE_ADD(DATE($selectedMonth,"yyyyMM"),"1",-1),"yyyyMM") and then use $previousMonth in my formulas.

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    Leann Lewis

    This is similar to the "Reusable custom functions" request, I think. It's a great idea.


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