Problem Concat() function with percentages

Hi support,

You can't use the concat feature right now when you would like to add percentages. You can't use Format as Text because the percentages look al wrong (see image). I would like a function percentage() to solve this. Is this possible? 


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    Meggan King

    Hi There!

    With your CONCAT, you should leave it as text, calculate the percentage and then append the % after your calculation. You can have any formula in the middle, but will need to manually calculate percent. To do this, wrap your calculation in another set of (), add * 100 and then insert a node for %. You may want to wrap NUMBERFORMAT with the number of decimal places to show as well. 

    - Meggan

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    Not Defined

    Thanks Meggan for your respons. I found a similar solution but it feels like it should be easier.

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