Show off your dashboards!

We'd love to see some examples of how customers are using the Custom Theme add-on to personalize their dashboards, and reflect their own, or their Clients' brand and style.  

Have something you'd like to show off?  Post it here, and include your contact info, as we frequently field requests from prospective Klipfolio customers looking for design help.  

Look forward to seeing some great dashboards!  Here's an example from a little while ago, courtesy of Ashraf Khattab, Klipfolio's Web Designer.  


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    Erik Van Dorp




    Hi Zach, Here's an example of how we use the custom styling. When we soft launched it (end of last year) and officially launched it in February (see the blog) , it was significantly different from the previous Klipfolio styling, but now they are closer together. I take this as a compliment for our design team :-). We will be adding more klips for online marketing agencies soon, and I hope to be sharing these with you too. http://www.cervinoboard.com 

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    Erik Van Dorp

    And here's an example of a dashboard for multiple clients, built for agencies that wish to see the key performance indicators of all their clients in one single dashboard. We create these dashboards with Klipfolio (of course), but we have put our big data engine between Klipfolio and the source, so we are more flexible in combining the data (and calculate benchmarks, trends and predict numbers). This Multiple account dashboard can also be viewed here. More info on our Big Data Engine can be found here.




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    Zach Kathnelson

    Those look great, Erik!  Thanks for sharing!  RE the similarity to Klipfolio's New Look, great minds think alike :)

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