Pivot functionality for datasources with dynamic series

We desperately want the ability to have a dynamic number of series (that can grow or shrink) supported by Tables and charts like Line/Bar. Currently you have to create a set number of series and hard-code their labels. Tables do allow dynamic naming of series, with the option to use Row 1 as labels, but you still have to create a set number of columns.


Allow us to define a "Series Range", telling the chart to generate a series for each distinct value in the range.


Use case 1:

Area Graph: X:Date, Y:Revenue, Series Range: Payment Method

We want to graph our revenue, by date, for each payment method available.

Over time, we add new payment methods and delete old ones. However to reflect this in klipfolio, we'd have to manually add/delete each series as it is created or deleted. 
If a series range were possible, klipfolio would effectively do this automatically by only displaying data for series present in the datasource.


Use case 2:

Area Graph: X:Date, Y:Revenue, Series Range: Item, Variable: Product Locale

We want to have the same klip use a variable to determine which locale's data to display. But each locale could have a differing number of series and in different languages.
Having to define a set number of series doesn't work for this case, nor does hard-coding the labels.

Again, a series range would solve this.



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    Andréa Hirata


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    Stephen Yates

    I am happy to share that dynamic series are supported in the new Metrics Monitoring capabilities that were recently released in beta. When you visualize a metric on a bar or line chart the series are automatically added for each member. The series change dynamically to reflect the members with values in the specified time range.

    You can learn more about metrics here. As well the Knowledge Base has a bunch of useful articles

    Thank you,


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