Order values in funnel charts


Is it possible to sort the values in a funnel chart in some way other than alpha? Say I have:

  • Call
  • No Answer
  • Answer
  • Sale
  • No Sale

(just hypothetically)

How could I sort them in this specific order?

Many thanks


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    Philip Harrison

    Also looking to do the same thing, any chance somebody has come up with a nice way of ordering the Labels for a Funnel chart?  Could probably prepend numbers to each label (like "1. Closed Won", "2. Closing") and then sort alphabetically but feels like a bit of a hack.

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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi there!

    If your data is not grouped (hard-coded), you can simply leave your Labels unsorted, for example:

       Labels - ARRAY("Call,No Answer,Answer,Sale,No Sale")
       Values - an array of 5 corresponding values

    More typically, your data will come from a datasource and need to be grouped and sorted. To sort your data according to a fixed order, add Hidden Data to do the mapping from label to order value. For example, if your values are in column B and your labels are in column A:

       Values - B:B
       Labels - A:A
       Hidden Data: SWITCH( A:A, "Call", 1,
                                                     "No Answer", 2,
                                                     "Answer", 3,
                                                     "Sale", 4,
                                                     "No Sale", 5)

    Then, using the Actions menu:

    1. Group the Labels.
    2. Set the Aggregation method as needed for the Values.
    3. For the Hidden Data, set the Aggregation method to First .
    4. Sort the Hidden Data.


    Hope this helps!


    Thank you,

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    Philip Harrison

    That worked perfectly thanks Janice!

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