Adding in Facebook and Instagram Video Views...


It would be great if you could add in a default klip which lets us access Facebook and Instagram video views. We run many campaigns with clients which focus on video marketing and each client would like to view their video views per platform day by day. Also it would let us have any overview of all our clients and their video marketing campaigns in once place.

I know we could access the Facebook API and grab the video views data then send it through to a live Google sheet for integration into Klipfolio but it seems a lot of work for something I feel should be a core feature.

Also are you going to be adding in Instagram advertising klips?




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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the suggestions. Instagram Ads is on the roadmap, and adding Klips for video views is a great idea. Other than the number of views, what metrics would be useful? What actions/decisions would this impact? Also, are you interested in aggregate data for all of your campaigns, or data for specific campaigns?

    Thank you

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    Michael Milne


    Yes, we'd be interested in total video views, unique views...also views up to 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% etc. Yes and perhaps total view for all the client's campaigns as a whole. But mainly per campaign. Also it would be good for us to be able to aggregate all our video views across all our clients.

    This would be great for the client to monitor day by day alongside the rest of their digital stats. We run a lot of video campaigns for clients and it would be good for us to have the potential to show this as an aggregate, even as a stat for our website...

    I just feel that video views should already be there...I know you have this for YouTube etc but Instagram and Facebook are crucial delivery platforms for us.


    PS Do you think you might be including these soon?

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