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I´m dashboarding from a huge media company network here in Brazil and we would love to display our  GoogleAnalytics data on Map Klips. Unfortunatly it does not have the option to shows maps on state level for Brazil. There is an option to do it for USA, Germany, Canada, Mexico and India, but not Brazil.


I read about how to build a custom Map component, but I don't even have Adobe Ilustrator or knowledge in XML. 


Can someone help us with that request? You can reach me for help/validation if you like.




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    Ronaldo de Campos


    I´m work for a private equity invested company and we also need a Map Klip from Brazil. Could someone colaborate with us? I can help with Adobe Ilustrator but ot xml.



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    Ivan Baroni

    Hello Ronaldo,

    If you can help with Adobe Ilustrator, I have some people here that can help with the XML.

    Maybe if we work together we can solve it by ourselves.

    Reach me at ivanbaroni@gmail.com if you want so we can discuss it.




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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Ivan, Ronaldo, 

    Great to see such collaboration between customers! Please contact Support if you have questions about generating the custom map.



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    Ivan Baroni

    Hello everyone,

    Here at my company we are trying to develop this custom map ourselves. We followed every step from the instructions, but our final map is not gathering information for some states and also it does not resize itself to fit the klip, like other maps does. The resize button doesn't work either.

    I've sent the SVG file to Klipfolio's Support, but they were unable to troubleshoot the map I provided. They also said their development team is working on a version of the Brazil Map, but there is no timeline for its release.

    Since we are really in need for this map, i would like to know if any other brazilian here have interest in checking our SVG file. Maybe we can figure it out. If you think you might help, please contact me through here or through my email (ivanbaroni@gmail.com) and i send you the file.



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    Meggan King

    Hi - One of the Klipfolio ninja's has built some new custom maps, including Brazil. You can find them here: 



    If anyone else is finding it difficult, please post on the  community post link https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000096227-Working-Custom-Maps-Including-Brazil-  and we should be able to help trouble shoot. 


    - Meggan

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    Laurent Fernandez


    I suggest using Inkscape instead of illustrator, it is a free open source software.

    The steps hereunder will give you a svg file (almost) fit for klipfolio, there must be some cleaning needed but i don't have the full klipfolio svg specs so far to do so..

    And resizing won't work anyways

    - download your country/admin level maps on http://www.diva-gis.org/gdata (ESRI Shapefile .shp format and connex files)

    - download and install QGIS on http://www.qgis.org/en/site/index.html

    - open your .shp file on QGIS

    - open a new Composer

    - create a map window and zoom on your admin map and export as svg

    - open on inskscape, select all the map elements (make sure you have ungroupped everything : CTRL+U) and convert object -> path

    - select admin areas one by one and assign ID and names (available in the object properties panel)

    -when you're finished : save it all as svg (PLAIN)

    Hope this helps,


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    Meggan King

    Hi Laurent - Zoom controls are not supported on custom maps. Is this what you mean by resizing? 





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