Connect to a custom external application

Can I connect to an external application(eg:node.js) which pulls the data form a different source?


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    Jeevan NR

    Also, I am trying to get some data which is not present in the native integrations , what all are the ways to get data into the dashboard ?

    do we need to build the application which provides that data to klipfolio?

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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Jeevan,

    There are many was to connect with external data sources. Here are some of the options:

    • REST API - If the service has a REST API you can setup a custom REST connector. Read more about REST connectors here.
    • Database Queries - You can connect to an SQL database and execute an SQL query to retrieve information to create a data source. Learn more here.
    • Files - Klipfolio can create data sources from Files from your computer, FTP or SFTP, DropBox, Box, Google Drive or as an email attachment. The files can be formatted as Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, and Google Sheet.
    • Zapier - Build zaps and connect those zaps to Klipfolio to monitor your key metrics in real-time.

    You can learn about integrated services and many of the other services that our customers are connecting to here.

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