Ability to set variable when adding Kiip to Dashboard

 We have a number of general klips that use a variable in a datasource to select which server or data to display.  To allow the same klip to display different data on the same dashboard, we have added a dropdown to the klip, after adding to the dashboard, we select the value for each klip - but once added we dont change the value, so the dropdown is otherwise unnecessary and wastes space.

It would be nice when adding a Klip to a Dashboard, if you could set the value of a variable at that time - or maybe add a menu option to set/change the variable, without it being a display element on the klip.


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    Sven Van Den Broek

    This seems like a fundamental use of klips. Is it on the roadmap?

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    Meggan King

    Hi Sven,

    This is a very old post. You can set a variable default value for a Klip. There are also other ways to configure variables. What is the issue you are having? 






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