Need data source refresh error notifications by email. or API - "Get refresh fails"

We have 30+ data sources. It would be good to have an email notification if one of them becomes disabled. Currently it's only possible to find out by drilling down into each one.   An email notification, or the ability to ping for refresh fails through the API would be helpful.


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    Scott Lawrence Official comment

    Hi June,

    Thank you for raising this need and your use case.  I am adding your use case and name to a feature request as context for prioritization.

    In the meantime, we recently updated our GET /datasources API responses to include date last refreshed and refresh interval.  (see http://apidocs.klipfolio.com/docs/data-sources).  With this, you can have a Klip to monitor all your data sources and be able to see if a data source last refresh looks off - and even filter the list to only show things that look off.  (To show if it is specifically disabled, you can use the GET /datasources/{id} call.)

    Thanks again,


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    Marcus Henningsen

    +1 for this. Should be fairly simple to implement.

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Marcus,

    Thank you for adding your voice to the community.  I've associated your support with the feature request.



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