Formula usage in Prefix / Suffix fields

We currently are working on a dashboard which contains data from different countries (with different currencies).

Based on the chosen country the sales data is shown in the currency of that specific country.


We tried several options (together with Igor on the chat)

We first tried this (simple version):

  - CONTACT("USD ", '12.99');

  - However since we use a Gauge component all characters are stripped automatically because we can only format the data as 'Number', 'Currency', 'Percentage' or 'Duration'


Then we tried to work with a separate label above and below the gauge, but to style this correct it removes the dotted line from the target value.


Last solution i was thinking of was the use of formulas in the Prefix / Suffix fields. This could give us more flexiblity in the klip.

Could this be placed on the roadmap?


If any more examples or information is needed, please let me know!


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