Using a large (>3M rows) MySQL table as a data source

I'm trying to build a Klip using a mysql table as the data source. This is a log table, so it's pretty big - over 3M rows (and getting bigger everyday). The table is flat (just a few columns, no references to other tables).

When I try to create a data source with this table Klipfolio gives an error: 

"Unable to retrieve data: null"
When I change to a smaller table, it all works fine. What's the best way to handle something like this?

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    Towe Säwenmark

    Klipfolios datasource limit is on 10mb, could it be that you have tried to upload a file exceeding that limit? 

    In my experience doing the data cleaning and pre-analysis is not what Klipfolio excels at. I've opted to do the brunt of the data-crunching in either Excel or R before uploading it. If you can't bother with the manual upload you can set up excel to do the data pushing for you. 

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