Request: ShopifyQL Data

A limitation of Shopify's current implementation is that it only retrieves 10,000 records with pagination set within Klipfolio -- and the standard API only allows you to retrieve order data by individual orders based on the Order reference within the standard API -- any retailer that has multiple orders per day would quickly exceed the 10,000 records (e.g. a retailer with 300+ records a day would likely hit it in a month, a retailer with 50+ orders would hit it in 6 months) -- making the ability to pull data for "lifetime", historical, etc. impossible for anyone looking to integrate Klipfolio with Shopify.

Shopify solved that issue for all API vendors back in March 2016, by introducing ShopifyQL by building an Analytics API (documentation here). ...which one would assume Klipfolio would already integrate with, given you're a dashboard tool for, well... analytics. However, your support informs me that they were unaware of this integration (six months after it was announced) with no plans to integrate with this currently. I was directed here to make it a feature request.

I'm not the only one that asked for this -- so it'd be great if this could be considered soon. Thanks.


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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Mike, thank you for the information and links. I will look into what is involved in integrating and get back to you.

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    Tim Ceuppens

    Any updates on this? We too would need this feature to be efficient. 

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    Mason Taylor

    Any updates on this?

    This would be important in getting visits level data directly from Shopify where we can calculate conversion rate and cart abandonment rates. 

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    Greg Asman

    Need an update as well... This is really important.

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