Connection to Salesforce Sandbox account

Hi everyone,

I have troubles connecting to my Salesforce sandbox account: by default when I'm trying to create salesforce data source and click "Login to Salesforce" it redircets me to login.salesforce.com which is a login to production salesforce systems. I cannot login to my sandbox account.

I'd like to use sandbox salesforce account. I can loging to it using test.salesforce.com. But if I'm changing URL on redirected page from login.salesforce.com to test.salesforce.com I'm getting  error on klipfolio side when allowing access.

Is there any way to use data from salesforce sandbox account?


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    Meggan King Official comment

    Hi There,

    We do not currently support connections to Salesforce sandbox accounts.



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    Matt Stevens

    I'm also looking for this feature - would be great to be able to test fields and reports from Sandbox in Klipfolio before moving them to my SF live environment. Thanks!

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