Ability from user to filter table in main view (not in editor view)

I know that you can filter the table columns in the editor view but it would be so much
useful and easy for the users if they could just have the same function of hitting right click and be
able to filter by every criteria that they want in the main view of the dashboard.


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    Tech Team

    ability for user*

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi "Tech Team",

    Thank you for raising your needs here.

    Customers often build input controls into their Klips to enable filtering by users directly on the dashboard.  Is this not working for you?

    Any additional insights into your situation/scenario would be very helpful.



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    William Vicary

    I'd also like this, use case below:

    We have a table of data for a client, this has a year 2016 or 2017, we have a control so that the user can select the year however this control cannot interact with the new table filter functionality so in order to sort the data we then need to write extra formulae to select just the data that is selected - a pretty hefty burden when our data is otherwise pulled in directly from the source across 10 columns.

    Unless I'm mistaken and I've missed something, but I don't seem to be able to filter data in a table based on a variable, only fixed values?

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    William Vicary

    To give a better example, we need to do this:


    If we could make the table utilise $YearSelected on a table filter it would save a huge amount of hassle.

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