My klip is displaying fine in editor mode, but shows only part of the data when added to a dashboard

Godd morning everyone!


My klip: https://app.klipfolio.com/workspace/edit_klip/?i=9fc1121e8df9d3ecb401127f69c9b786 is working out fine and doing all I want it to do, when I am editing it. 

However, when I add it to a dashboard, it will not display most of my data. All of the data not displayed is pulled from the same data source. The data that is displayed is pulled from another data source.

Do you have an idea how I can make my klip work properly?


Thanks and kind regards



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    Meggan King

    Hi Matthias -

    We see this happen when variables are used. Do your formulas have variables in them? Are the variables associated to a user input control, or are they set by a formula like MAP()/MAPFLAT()/SET()? 

    Another that can happen is when you are using dynamic data sources. The instance you see in the Klip Editor, may not be the same instance set to display on the dashboard. 

    If you are using dynamic data sources, I suggest we create a support ticket to allow us to investigate in detail. I can do this for you. 

    We will follow up by email.



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    Matthias Moeser

    Hi Meggan, you totally got me with the variables associated with user input. 

    I'm relying on dynamic data sources from pipedrive a lot, which are annoying to handle, due to the poor implementation of pagination. In my klip I need to include the amount of pages the api will need to return. 

    Since I am calling several variables, each on the same amount of pages I replaced the number of pages by a variable. The value of the variable I set in editor mode to the desired amount. There was no user input field for this.

    Of course, this caused an error in the dashboard.

    Thank you!


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