Edit Klip Source code is great: Datasource swap

Pretty new to Klipfolio, but I just wanted to say that the edit Klip source code is great.

I used it just a moment ago to swap datasources on a duplicated Klip. It be nice if there was a more automated way to do this, but lacking that I just did the following:

  1. In your new datasource click "Build a Klip with this Datasource"
  2. In Klip editor go to "Advanced tools" > View Klip Source. This will bring up an text editor where you can find your datasource ID, something like a285f51c834c2d015c0b126ac9a318bc, copy that.
  3. For the Klip you want to swap datasets, open that in Klip Editor.
  4. Again go to "Advanced tools" > View Klip Source. Where-ever there is a datasource ID, replace it with your new ID. I did this by copying the code into Notepad++ and running a find replace.
  5. Save it. Voila, datasource swap.




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