Bing as a Data Source


I have been trying to find any information related to Bing as a Data Source, but it seems that klipfolio has yet to release a connector to Bing.

Is there any expected time period for it's release ?


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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Humayun, we are working towards integrating Bing Ads. Are you looking to pull data from Bing Ads or Bing? What type of metrics are you interested in?

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    Humayun Afridi

    Hi Stephen,

    We are targeting for Bing Ads to pull Campaign, CPA, CTR, CR and Cost/Spent.


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    Search Warrant

    Do you have any suggestions for work arounds?  For example

    1) Use Zapier?  Is there another connector tool out there?

    2) Push Bing data to a Google Sheet and pull that into Klipfolio?

    3) Import Bing data to Google Analytics and use GA as the data warehouse?


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    Ethan Hays

    @Stephen Yates

    Any update on this?  Not having a connection to the 2nd biggest PPC platform is bad news. 

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    Jorn Reidel

    Any updates on this, Stephen?

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    Marc Rand (Admin Account)

    We've found a solution! 

    Not having access to the Bing platform has prevented us from automating dashboard for a number of clients.  Our past kludgy-bailing-wire-and-duct-tape method has been to *manually* update a google spreadsheet on a weekly basis with Bing cost, impression, click and conversion data.  This solution still needs an intermediary step but now the kludgy solution is automated, check it out ...

    Our Solution

    1. Use Google Sheets to store Bing information
    2. Automatically update Google Sheets with an Add-on called "Supermetrics".
      Details and pricing here: https://supermetrics.com/product/supermetrics-for-google-drive/#plans
    3. Connect the Google Spread Sheet as a data source to Klipfolio

    Easy as 1-2-3. 

    DM me if you want more info https://twitter.com/MarcRand


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