Get the right data from a json string

Hi all,


I'm fairly new to klipfolio and already have a question.

I'm getting my data from a JSON string and I want to build a klip where an average leadtime from a single customer is displayed against the average leadtime of all customers.


Here is a simple example of my JSON string.

{"data":[ {"customer":"Customer1", "cardid":"1234", "leadtime":"5"}, {"customer":"Customer1", "cardid":"1235", "leadtime":"4"}, {"customer":"Customer2", "cardid":"1236", "leadtime":"3"}, {"customer":"Customer2", "cardid":"1237", "leadtime":"5"}  ]}.

Can anybody help?

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    Kenniy Olorunnimbe

    Hello Mattijs,

    You can have the visualization on a bar chart and plot the Customers on the X-Axis and the Average Lead Time as series. I just put together a video to show you what you need to need to get it done. I just had to quickly put together an example, so am sorry if the quality isn't so great, but the overall idea is captured, so I think you should be able to make sense out of it.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance.



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