Matching Data across different Data source

Im not really sure how to start with this, i need a table that looks like this, the Goal ID and the Goal Name comes from 1 Datasource but the 3rd Column (amount) comes from a different one

and the data source looks like this:

i need to match Category 1 with the ID 1 and Category 2 with ID 2 and so forth from this Data source: (to produce the table above, i need to get the value of category 1 if it matches with the ID 1) i have no idea where to start so any help is gladly appreciated :)


Thanx :)


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    Trish Mermuys

    Hi Jazmine,

    This is definitely possible! You'll want to use LOOKUP to match the data across your two data sources. In your case the Input parameter would be the id from DS2, the Keys parameter would be the numeric value of Row 1 from DS1, and the Results parameter would be Row 2 from DS1. To get just the numeric value from Row 1, you can use the SUBSTITUTE function to replace the text "Category" with a BLANK().

    This means your table formulas would be:

    • for your first column: id (from DS2)
    • for your 2nd column: name (from DS2)
    • for your 3rd column: LOOKUP(@id;, SUBSTITUTE(@1:1;, "Category", blank()), @2:2;)

    Hope this helps!

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    Jazmine Indiana

    okay:) thanx for that explanation, i actually didn't understand how to use the lookup function so thanx for clearing that up :) 

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