Dashboard URL parameter for tab groups

Hi guys,

We have our dashboards set up with a single PC driving 3 TVs, so we just open chrome windows on each screen.

However, this means that we can only have 3 static dashboards, instead of being able to cycle through the dashboards, because it ends up showing all the same dashboards on all 3 screens.

Is it possible to extend the dashboard ID URL parameter to accept multiple dashboard IDs to cycle through?

As an example, I'd like to be able to launch the following urls on each of my screens, and they would only cycle through the 3 tabs specified in each url:


(ps - I did read the article on using RiseVision to do similar - these are internal dashboards, so not keen to use public links for them)


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    Rupert Bonham-Carter

    Hi Vocus - I see you did not receive a any comments or feedback on this post.  Did you end up resolving your requirement?  Regards, Rupert

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    Vocus Marketing

    Hey Rupert - no, still havent resolved the requirement. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!

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    Scott Lawrence

    Thanks for following up Rupert.

    Hi Vocus, 

    Thank you for the feature request and your use case.  I will raise an enhancement request with your information and attach your name for additional context to help with prioritization.

    In the meantime, have you explored the possibility of using a different browser for each wallboard and log each one in as a different user?  That would allow you to have a different set of dashboards in your playlist for each user logged in.

    For example:

    • Wallboard 1: signed in as user 1 into Chrome, full screen dashboard list for Dashboard 1, Dashboard 2, Dashboard 3
    • Wallboard 2: signed in as user 2 into Firefox, full screen dashboard list for Dashboard 4, Dashboard 5, Dashboard 6
    • Wallboard 3: signed in as user 3 into IE, full screen dashboard list for Dashboard 1, Dashboard 4, Dashboard 7

    You could use Chrome in Incognito mode to be treated as a separate instance/log into Klipfolio.




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