Pasting images directly into a Klip

Do you have plans in the near future to allow for direct pasting of images into a Klip?

This is a functionality that exists with Gmail, Google Docs, etc. and would be superhandy!

In the meantime, are there are any other easy hacks to accomplish this?


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    Rahul Bura

    Currently, the only way to upload images to Klipfolio is by using a URL that points to a file that is uploaded to the web. You can host the file on a hosting service or on your own domain and get the URL for the image. When you’re building a Klip, you can paste the URL to an Image Component by entering the URL as text:

    Alternatively if you'd rather upload an image, and the Pictograph option works for you, you can give these steps here a shot: http://screencast.com/t/PAtAKzyAhS

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    Hurmet Noka

    Is there a way to upload directly to Klipfolio or not?

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