keep a single place for editing the Server details

A way to share connection between mysql (or any other DB) datasources, keeping a single place for editing the server details which can be shared across those data sources.

We have a lot of them and for every migration IP or any other conection detail, we should change every one one by one.

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    Erik Skurka

    Did this feature ever get release to PowerMetrics or regular Klip data sources? Every time we roll database credentials we have to update 100s of data sources with the exact same Username, Password, and DB address.

    We're a long time customer of Klipfolio, but it's causing us to reconsider if you all are the right solution for us, as tools like Holistics.io have this shared data-source (specifically DB connections) and all the same visualization tool as Klipfolio.


    -Erik, VP Product @ ReviewTrackers

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