How to check that variable is not initialized (NULL)

My klip uses variable, but this variable is not initialized on dashboard (i.e. it should have value like NULL because variable value is not set in any other klip on dashboard).

How can I check that variable value is not initialized? Any kind of ISNULL function? Is it even possible?




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    Pavel Petrushenya

    Also it is not clear how to assign a kind of default value for created variable.

    As far as I understand the only way to assign variable value at this moment is to create klip and use user input controls.

    However it is very useful to have possibility to assign a kind of default valur for variable on dashboard.

    Is this possible?

    I am able to assign default value in expression if I know that variable is not initialized (NULL). But how I can accomplish this?

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    Meggan King

    Hi Pavel -

    Currently, variables must be assigned to either a Company property, User property, a User Input (Text field, drop-down or Date picker), or through a formula (MAP/MAPFLAT or SET). We do not support variables having default values and not assigned to one of the above. 

    This article gets into the different ways to assign variables and use them: https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/215547108-Variables


    - Meggan

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