Unable to get Postgres Datasource to work with variable or Klip is not updating variable

We are pulling data directly from postgres and setup a new datasource.  Within the datasource a few parameters in the SQL are using a variable.  I created a custom variable by following your instruction on https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/216183237-BETA-Working-with-dynamic-data-sources.  The datasource return the expected values based on the default value of the custom variable.

I created a new klip that uses a user input and drop down.  I create a funnel to visual the data coming back from the datasource.  All this works great.  However, when I change the value via the user input the same data is shown in the funnel.  I don't see any error using the datasource debug_info.  I don't think the variable is being set by the user input but I have create a few klips following the instructions using the dynamic datasource page.



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    Meggan King

    Hi Tony -

    Was this an existing data source that you converted to dynamic? This will cause the issues you mention above. A dynamic data source must be created as dynamic from the beginning. 


    Have you checked the instances using the trouble-shooting document to go into debug_info mode? 



    I may need to investigate this to understand where it is failing. Please email support@klipfolio.com, or use the 'Submit a Ticket' option near the top right of this page. 




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    Tony Nuzzi

    Hi Meggan, yeah I created the datasource from scratch.  So the odd thing is it started working this morning with no change.  Were there any updates on the Klipfolio side?

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