Grouping totals for multiple columns

Hi guys


I am trying to build a klip using Google Analytics as a data source with the objective of combining a number of different goal completions into a single figure.


The current formula for just a single column of data is:

What I was hoping to be able to do was to get a total figure for column D, E and F for any given date range as they are all closely associated goals; and then repeat the process for another set of goals.

Is this possible? And if it isn't is there a better way to pull in data from the API that would allow me to do just that?

Thanks in advance!


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    Janice Janczyn Official comment

    Hi Mackenzie,

    There are often multiple ways to solve a problem and there are no stupid questions :)  

    You can also use a single SELECT to sum the columns you need, if all your columns are the same size (which will be the case with Google Analytics data):

      SELECT( ( D:D + E:E + F:F + G:G + H:H ), BETWEEN( B:B, !Start Date, !End Date )  )

    Thank you,


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    Mackenzie Cockram

    I think I have solved it, stupidly I forgot that i can just combine the multiple select functions and sum them together!

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