Format Painter for Columns / Klips

Hi Product Team,

Request to add Format Painter to Format an entire set of columns with reference to a specific column.

In Excel you can click on a cell/column and click Format Painter, then hold CTRL down while you highlight other columns and they would automatically format the text to currency or %.

This is a very important function that will cut our Klip building time down by at least 33% (in my opinion).

Happy to provide examples if you like.



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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Chan,

    Thanks for your feature request.  I believe what you are describing is the desire to be able to set the format for one column (or series...).  Then be able to essentially apply that same format to other columns (or series).  Am I understanding you correctly?  Are you typically applying the format to all columns or a subset?

    Any additional context would be most welcome.



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