Consistent User Input across multiple users


I have multiple users that have access to the same User Inputs.  We use those values across multiple Klips/Dashboards.  The issue is that if User A logs in and sets values, when User B logs in the new values (input by User A) are not shown.  So the scope of the User Inputs appear to be restricted within a single user.  Is there a way to have those inputs persist across multiple users?






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    Scott Lawrence Official comment

    Thanks for jumping in, Jon!


    Matt, To add some clarity to Jon's comments. We have user level and company level properties. These can be set at either a user level or account level and treated as variables that can be used to automatically filter results for specific context. Check out this article for additional context: https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/223222128-User-and-Company-Properties

    That said, there is no mechanism for User A to change an Input Control and share their changed input control setting with User B. Klipfolio remembers input control settings by user so when they come back in, they see their last settings.

    Can you share a little more about your use case?  Are you indicating you always want User A to see the context of what User B is looking at and vice versa?  Any additional context around what you are trying to do and why would be very helpful.



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    Jon S

    The variables can be used on both user level and company level. If you use them on user level, they will be individual unique. Are you familiar with this difference?

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    Matt Stevens

    Fantastic Jon, Company level variables are exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks! 

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    Jon S

    I'm happy to help. :)

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