Klipfolio not showing postgres uuid data type

Hi there, I am working on my dashboard. The problem is that Klipfolio is not showing uuid data type from my posgres database. What can be the problem or how can I solve it?


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    Meggan King

    HI Martin -

    I have not run into this issue before. If the system is rejecting that data type, we will need to further investigate. Can you send us a support ticket to support@klipfolio.com and provide the data source id, or query you are trying to run? 




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    Larona Nyambe

    This seems to be a Postgres JDBC bug (not supporting citext). 

    A workaround will be to typecast the field as text. 

    So if you have: SELECT field_name_1, field_name_2 

    And field_name_2 is returning blank. Update the query such that:

    SELECT field_name_1,CAST( field_name_2 AS TEXT)



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    Igor Srdanovic

    Run into the same issue and this workaround resolved it. Thanks!

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