Set default value for currency at account, dashboard or user level

I am based in the UK and we have ten dashboards to manage. With no current Klipfolio functionality allowing defaults to be set, every element of every klip on every dashboard has to be manually changed from dollars to pounds. It's fine for dollars to be the initial default, but it should be easy to make a dashboard-wide or account-wide change. Smacks of being a very USA-centric approach in the meantime, when Klipfolio has customers all around the world, needing to display their own currencies. I note that this issue was first raised by a customer here in 2013 – five years ago now.

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Sion,

    Thank you for raising your voice here in the community.  

    We have been looking closer at this area recently.  I don't have a timeframe for you yet, however the discussion is exploring defaults for data display formats. 

    I'll add your name and use case to the feature request to keep you posted on progress.



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