An easier way to remove dashboards from account

It would be great to be able to easily remove dashboards from an account.  Currently going to each dashboard, clicking the options button and then removing the dashboard is a fairly slow process.  It would be nice if a user could see all of the dashboards that they currently have open on their account and be able to remove them without having to open them individually.


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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Rickey,

    Thanks for adding your voice to our community!

    Can you help me understand what you are trying to do.  Are you trying to close the dashboard from your view? (remove the instance from your dashboard bar).  Or are you trying to delete the dashboard from your account?

    It would be great if you can describe your specific scenario to help us better understand the situation you are facing and what you are trying to accomplish.

    Thanks again,



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    Rickey Shideler

    Hey Scott,

    Removing the instance from the dashboard bar.  Over time we accumulate old klips that we've built and don't personally need on our dashboard bar anymore.  When we starting removing them it is quite tedious removing one at a time as you have to load each klip before removing it.


    It would be nice if you could see all of the klips that are on the dashboard bar using the library view.  You could then just checkmark all of the unneeded dashboards and remove them all at once.



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    Lenore Kennedy


    I was wondering if you had an answer to this question, as it is causing us quite a problem over here too.


    Many thanks

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