Using RegEx in PostgreSQL

Hi Klipfolio and community,


I've just confirmed with support that there's no way to do RegEx substrings in PostgreSQL queries. 

This makes both Klip formulas unnecessarily complicated, and means that I am more limited in number of rows I can return due to the (very 2007-esque) 10MB limit on data sources. 

Please implement (substring) RegEx support in PostgreSQL (and other SQL variants, if necessary).

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    Alexander Dich Jensen

    A little addition to this, some 7 months later. This issue is also present in Redshift, probably because Redshift is based loosely on PostgreSQL.

    I've found that Klipfolio needs a lot more backslashes to escape various characters than most systems, otherwise they get eaten somewhere between Klipfolio firing off the query and Redshift receiving it. 

    I don't know if this is the case for PostgreSQL too.

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