Adding folders to library

After creating several dashboards, the amount of different data sources and klips quickly grows to a large number. Especially when the names of the different klips and data sources don't clearly define the dashboard they are being used for, the library quickly becomes a mess. In this mess, it is hard to create a clear overview of the different sources and klips used on every dashboard.

Therefore, I would like to propose the option to manually add folders to the library. In this way, every admin can structurize their own library in a way that suits them best.


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    Clare Evans

    I agree - I think it would be very useful to organise dashboards in folders to make them more manageable. It would also be good to re-order dashboards instead of them only displaying by date created.

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    Marc Finger

    Yes. Creating a folder structure for sources, klips and dashboards would be very helpful.

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